Rule 9 Legal Intern - Criminal Division - Bremerton, WA

September 11, 2019


Rule 9 Legal Intern - Criminal Division


Within the Prosecution Division of the Office of the City Attorney and under the direction and supervision of the City Prosecutor and Assistant City Prosecutor, the legal intern will perform a wide variety of legal duties.  Typical duties include regularly appearing in court, preparing files for court appearances and participating in jail calendars, arraignment hearings, probation hearings and no contact order rescission hearings.   

The Legal Intern will, under attorney supervision, review police reports for probable cause and filing decisions, research and write memoranda for attorneys, argue motions, negotiate case resolutions with defense counsel and prepare for and participate in jury and bench trials if applicable.  The Legal Intern will have other courtroom and non-courtroom responsibilities as assigned.  

This legal internship will provide opportunity for exposure to high volume criminal litigation practice.  There will be a great deal of time spent in court while having supervising attorneys available as mentors.  The Legal Intern will work closely with law enforcement and is in regular contact with judges, the defense bar and general public. 

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October 10, 2019

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