Attorney I -Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (100% Grant Funded) - Pueblo County, CO

September 3, 2019

Pueblo County,CO

Attorney I -Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (100% Grant Funded)



Performs professional legal work comprised of Law Enforcement Assisted Division (LEAD) participants/defendants with active criminal cases.  Monitors the completion of LEAD intakes, assigns cases for filing, negotiates LEAD cases, and provides procedural guidance and liaison support to LEAD case managers and law enforcement.

Examples of Duties

Essential Job Functions

  • Tracks all incoming LEAD referrals.
  • Monitors completion of LEAD intakes.
  • Screens and assigns cases for filing for LEAD candidates that fail to complete the intake.
  • Tracks new jail bookings, filings and court hearings daily.
  • Monitors court databases.
  • Fields daily calls from case managers regarding LEAD clients.
  • Communicates information on case status to LEAD case managers, law enforcement, defense attorneys and community members.
  • Connects LEAD case managers to assigned defense counsel.
  • Communicates with defense counsel assigned to LEAD defendant/participants regarding the current status of their client's LEAD activity.
  • Works with case managers/social service treatment providers, defense and the court on collaborative release motions to further harm reduction services for LEAD defendants.
  • Makes discretionary decisions regarding new filings, support of release or detention motions, proposed transfer of cases to other therapeutic programs.
  • Negotiates all pre-trial LEAD cases and attempts to resolve cases to further continued harm reduction services, taking the LEAD participant's/defendant's progress in recovery into consideration along with input from law enforcement, case managers and the community.
  • Appears in court for pre-trial hearings such as arraignment, bond/release and case setting, plea and sentencing, probation and review matters when available.
  • Attends meetings representing the 10th Judicial District at LEAD Key Stakeholder Policy Committee, Operational Work Group and LEAD evaluation meetings.
  • Provides LEAD referral training to law enforcement.
  • Provides data collection and input to LEAD project managers for evaluation purposes.
  • Consults on design of an operational and data sharing system to integrate LEAD information into a larger law enforcement and treatment agency database.
  • Participates in drafting/creating operational forms, training information and procedures.
  • Presents the LEAD program at conferences or to visitors interested in learning about the LEAD program.
  • Performs other duties as appropriate or necessary for performance of the job.

General Requirements
  • Fills in for other staff as necessary and/or required.
  • Attends meetings, classes and trainings as required or requested by supervisor.
  • Encouraged to recommend changes to improve procedures that would result in efficiencies, cost savings and safety.
  • Communicates actively, clearly and regularly with supervisor and co-workers on all work-related topics.
  • Understands, observes and complies with all Governmental, Pueblo County and Departmental policies, procedures and protocols when performing job duties.
  • Possesses excellent oral and written skills to communicate effectively.
  • Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with Pueblo County employees from same or different departments/offices, entities and customers.
  • Effectively manages multiple projects at once.
  • Effectively deals with stressful situations.
  • Easily adapts to sudden and unexpected changes in work assignments.


Typical Qualifications

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
 Basic Proficiency:

  • Modern office practices and procedures.
  • Ability to operate standard office equipment, including typewriters, computers, computer software, calculators, printers, copiers, scanners and facsimile machines.

 Full Proficiency:
  • Thorough understanding of harm reduction principles and ability to communicate those principles to peers, community, etc.
  • Ability to effectively communicate with community members, court staff, law enforcement, case managers and defense attorneys.
  • Ability to effectively communicate with prosecutors in other counties regarding LEAD participant's/defendant's current participation with LEAD.
  • Ability to make discretionary decisions that would include supporting release motions, proposing charge reduction or dismissal agreements (when appropriate), proposing transfer of cases to therapeutic courts.
  • Ability to seek detention or release based on assessing the participants/defendants status with a case manager and input from law enforcement.
  • Ability to negotiate all low-level drug offenses and misdemeanor property related cases.
  • Ability to attempt to resolve cases taking into consideration the participant/defendants progress in treatment and input from the case manager, community members and law enforcement and what will enhance community safety and support improved behavior by the individual.
  • Ability to handle court hearings for LEAD participants/defendants when available.

Law degree from an accredited law school required.

 No experience required.
Minimum of one year experience preferred.

Licenses and/or Certificates:
Licensed to practice law in the State of Colorado and must be in good standing.

Special Requirements:
Must successfully pass background check.
Pueblo County residency required.



Supplemental Information

Physical Demands/Work Environment
 Occasionally (Less than 25% of the time)
Vehicles-Drives automobile and/or truck.

Frequently (25% to 50% of the time)
Strength-Walks and/or stands with brief periods of sitting.
Climbing-Ascends or descends using feet and legs and/or hands and arms.
Stooping-Bends body downward and forward.  Requires use of lower extremities and back muscles.
Reaching-Extends hand(s) and arms(s) in any directions.
Handling-Seizes, holds, grasps, turns or otherwise works with hand(s).
Fingering-Picks, pinches, types or otherwise works primarily with fingers rather than the whole hand or arm as in handling.
Equipment Utilized-Office equipment such as computer, phone, fax, copiers, scanners, adding machine, etc.

Regularly (50% to 100 % of the time)
Strength-Lifts, carries, push, pulls or otherwise moves objects up to 25 pounds.
Strength-Sits with brief periods of walking and/or standing.

Not applicable
Strength-Lifts, carries, push, pulls or otherwise moves objects from 25 to 50 pounds.
Strength -Lifts, carries, push, pulls or otherwise moves objects from 50 to 75 pounds.

 Additional Information.
Duties may require work beyond normally scheduled work week; subject to on call duty.







*Early releases are at the discretion of the Elected Official/Department Director based on the mission essential obligations established for their office/department.

**Personal Holiday is subject to approval by Elected Official or Department Director.

If a holiday falls on a Saturday, employees will receive the preceding Friday off.

If a holiday falls on a Sunday, employees will receive the following Monday off.

If an employee is absent the day preceding or following the holiday without prior approval, the employee will not be paid for the holiday

Departments Scheduled to Work on Holidays.

Due to operational requirements, some employee's will be required to work on holidays. The employee must take the holiday by the end of the month following the holiday at a date approved by their DD/EO.

Sick Leave
Regular full time employees accrue eight (8) hours per a month with a maximum accrual of 960 hours.


  • 0-5 years: earn eight (8) hours per a month with a maximum accrual of 144 hours.
  • 5-10 years: earn twelve (12) hours per a month with a maximum accrual of 216 hours.
  • 10+ years: earn sixteen (16) hours per a month with a maximum accrual of 288 hours.

New hires are eligible to use vacation time after six (6) months of continuous service with Pueblo County.


All Regular Full-Time employees and Elected Officials are required to participate in the County Retirement Plan upon completion of one (1) month of continuous employment. A pre-tax deduction of 8.25% will be deducted from the employee's monthly pay.

Flex Dollar Allowance

Pueblo County's contribution toward the purchase of your benefit options.

  • Opt out of Health Insurance: $18 per a month
  • Employee only: $626 per a month
  • Employee+1: $1,032 per a month
  • Family: $1,395 per a month

If Benefit Selections:

  • Are greater than flex dollar allowance, the difference is deducted from paycheck
  • Are equal to flex dollars, there is no effect on pay
  • Are less than flex dollar allowance additional pay or cash back is not optional
Health Insurance (optional)

High Deductible Health Plan
  • Employee only: $583.48 per a month
  • Employee+1: $1,132.19 per a month
  • Family: $1,564.88 per a month
  • Employee only: $769.89 per a month
  • Employee+1: $1,501.33 per a month
  • Family: $2,078.80 per a month
HMO Deductible
  • Employee only: $738.23 per a month
  • Employee+1: $1,439.55 per a month
  • Family: $1,993.26 per a month
  • Employee only: $649.78per a month
  • Employee+1: $1,268.84 per a month
  • Family: $1,743.94 per a month
Dental Insurance (optional)
  • Employee only: $20.05 per a month
  • Employee+1: $43.90 per a month
  • Family: $66.80 per a month
Vision Insurance (optional)
  • Employee only: $6.36 per a month
  • Employee+1: $11.27 per a month
  • Family: $18.05 per a month
Long Term Disability (required)
Coverage pays 60% of your wages up to $4,800 with a 90 day waiting period.

Your monthly cost = (monthly pay)/100 x 0.410

Basic Life and AD&D Benefit (required)

Employee are required to purchase basic option for $1.90, however they may elect to purchase additional coverage.

Flexible Spending Account (optional)

This benefit allows you to pay for certain expenses (medical and/or dependent care needs) with "pre-tax" dollars. You specify the dollar amount you would like deducted from your monthly paycheck (minimum of $25), then when you incur an eligible expense you pay it. Then you submit a claim form and original receipt for reimbursement.

Note: According to IRS rules, any funds left in your account(s) at the end of the year cannot be returned to you.

Additional Insurance

  • Optional Life
  • Dependent Life
These are post-tax benefits.  Please contact HR to learn more.






Do you have a law degree from an accredited law school?
  • Yes
  • No
Have you attached a complete legible copy of your transcripts showing name and date degree conferred (on valid school letterhead) as required?
  • Yes
  • No
Do you have a license to practice law in the State of Colorado and is the license in good standing?
  • Yes
  • No
  • N/A-I have set for the Colorado Bar Exam
If you answered "Yes" above please provided your law license number.
If you answered "No" please explain if you have a license to practice law in a State other than Colorado and where you are in the process of receiving a license to practice law in the State of Colorado.
How many years of experience do you have?
  • None
  • Less than 1 year
  • 1 year or more
Please list the employer(s) where you obtained this experience and the year(s) in which you received it.
Do you have experience with the L.E.A.D program?
  • Yes
  • No
This position is 100% Grant Funded. Do you understand that if the grant were to end this position would be eliminated?
  • Yes
  • No

* Required Question

Closing Date / Removed from Database Date
September 30, 2019

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