POST Certified Officers - Chattahoochee Hills, GA

August 20, 2019

Chattahoochee Hills,GA

POST Certified Officers


Chattahoochee Hills PD is hiring POST Certified Officers !!! Full time and Reserve

-Great working environment

-Generous take home car policy; 30 mile radius from city limits

-Starting pay $39,530

-Ample part time jobs, $45 per hour paid through city payroll (no 1099)

-New Fleet with assigned Ford Explorer

-12 Hour shifts for UPD

-Vacation/Sick time. Officers working the 84 hour pay period (UPD) earn at a different rate than 80 hour employees (Admin).

-9 paid holidays per calendar year.

-Back up weapons issued to every officer

-Long guns issued to every officer

-Speed detection equipment (radar and laser) available if certified.

-Training, training, training!

-Life/Accidental insurance premium paid by the city (2x annual salary)

-Social Security Replacement plan. The money collected from you (3.75%) is matched by the city and invested in a 401b account controlled by you.

-Optional 457 plan. The city will match up to 3% of your salary. This is separate from the social security replacement plan.

-Chattahoochee Hills does not have a vesting period. This means the money matched, is yours whenever you choose to retire.

To apply, go to link

Send resume and application to Sergeant Kevin Digou (
Open until filled


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September 27, 2019

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