Jail/Corrections Officer - Wisconsin Department of Corrections, WI

August 14, 2019

Wisconsin Department of Corrections,WI

Jail/Corrections Officer

Reason for Announcement: Fill Vacancy
Responsibilities: Upon completion of paid training, will perform security related tasks in the institution. Will direct and monitor inmate behavior, counsel inmates, maintain records, conduct personal searches, may provide inmate transportation in a State vehicle to/from other facilities.
Salary: $16.65 per hour
Benefits: Wisconsin retirement fund; Health insurance; Life insurance; Sick leave; Dental; Paid holidays; Clothing allowance; Vacation; Pay increases every 6 months for the first two years. Institution add-on pay available. 
Qualifications: Minimum age - 18; Driver license; High school diploma; Ability to possess a firearm; No felony convictions; No domestic abuse convictions; Good verbal and written communication skills; React quickly and effectively to stressful situations; Able to work evenings, weekends, and holidays; Clear and concise speech; Ability to handle several tasks simultaneously; Ability to perform essential functions of this position; Pass a medical exam and pre-work screen physical assessment. 
Apply By: Ongoing Recruitment
Submit: Agency Application -

To obtain: For application materials go to the Department of Corrections website http://www.doc.wi.gov/Employment

Contact: Wisconsin Department of Corrections
3099 E Washington Avenue
Madison, WI  53704
Phone:  (608) 240-5555
Fax:  (608) 240-3343
Email:  DOCcorrectionalofficerrecruitment@wisconsin.gov
Internet:  www.doc.wi.gov 
Notes: Oral interviews; Medical examination; Vision examination; Background investigation; Physical fitness/agility screening

Closing Date / Removed from Database Date
October 5, 2019

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