Animal Control Officer - Leon County , FL

August 12, 2019

Leon County ,FL

Animal Control Officer


General Description of Duties


Initial salary may be up to 15% above the minimum salary based on verified related education, experience, and training above the minimum requirements.  

The purpose of this position is to enforce Leon County Animal Control Ordinances.
NOTE:   The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related or a logical assignment to the position.  The Job Description Questionnaire (JDQ) reflects a more detailed description of the position. Neither the job description nor the JDQ constitutes an employment agreement.  Both are subject to change as the needs of the County and requirements of the job change.
Patrols a designated area in an animal control vehicle to locate and impound nuisance animals. Makes reasonable efforts to locate, confine or impound all loose or owner relinquished animals. Provides written notification to known or suspected owners that a complaint has been filed and/or that the animal was impounded. Uses professionally recognized methods of capture, restraint, and handling of animals. Maintains accurate records of daily activities. Maintains animal control vehicle in a clean and orderly fashion, cleaning carriers and animal boxes after each animal is removed. Traps will be cleaned after they are pulled. Adheres to all related safety standards, obeying traffic laws and safety policies, and immediately reports any injuries or job-related illnesses to appropriate staff. Maintains uniform and personal appearance in a professional and clean manner.  Develops and maintains skills, proficiency and knowledge in animal control by successfully completing four (4) hours of continuing education or job related training on a bi-annual basis.
Responds to and attempts to resolve citizen complaints concerning animals in violation of the Animal Control Ordinance. Responds to priority service requests. Responds to routine service requests within eight (8) hours or less, except when unable to respond within time limit for reasons beyond control of the Officer.  Issues citations in accordance with violation of applicable laws and Division policies.  Assists other Officers in responding to uncompleted calls, if needed, and in locating, restraining, confining, or impounding animals and to locate owners.  Coordinates with appropriate staff to dispatch calls in a timely manner to another Officer when unable to respond to service requests within eight (8) hours or less. Provides notification to complainants upon completion of service request.  Attends all court sessions in uniform presenting a professional appearance. Provides truthful, thorough, and accurate testimony and evidence for cases in which the Officer is involved.
Investigates animal bite and rabies suspect cases, which includes rabies quarantines and the preparation of rabies specimens for laboratory testing. Conducts initial investigation of bites and rabies suspects.  Follows up on bite cases in which animals are not vaccinated after the quarantine ensuring compliance with vaccination requirements.  Accurately and thoroughly documents all relevant information about suspect animal, and its known or suspected owner, in the Division's database and the Animal Service Center's database.  Completes investigation as soon as possible; if unable to do so for reasons beyond the control of the Officer, the Officer shall complete the investigation immediately upon contacting victims and owners. Checks rabies vaccination status of all animals, including those belonging to complainants, witnesses and owners. Prepares rabies specimens for laboratory testing and submits specimens for shipment to State lab as soon as possible.
Conducts  inhumane care/animal cruelty investigations. Conducts initial investigation

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August 23, 2019

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