Transition Counselor - Denver Regional Council of Governments, CO

August 8, 2019

Denver Regional Council of Governments,CO

Transition Counselor



The hiring salary range for this position is $4,033 - $4,519/month or $2,016.50 - $2,259.50/semi-monthly depending on qualifications.

This class is the second level in a four-level Aging Services Series devoted to providing telephone and on-site human services case management and services to clients in a variety of programs.  Incumbents perform interviews, assessment, and intake of clients to determine needs; develop,  explain, and provide follow-up on action plans; coordinate the exchange of information and provision of client services with other agencies; conduct on-site client visits; determine appropriate resources and make referrals to both internal and external programs; document program information; determine the need for crisis intervention; and provide training and community education for groups and individuals.

Description of Work


  • Performs client interviews, intake and assessments to determine service needs and resource requirements; serves as an agency representative with other service providers to address service requirements, availability and needs assessment; makes resource referrals to both internal and external programs; provides client advocacy based on required situations.
  • Documents program eligibility status; determines case safety level, emergency status and/or need for crisis intervention or mandatory reporting; determines, develops, and communicates client service action/case plans; monitors and documents plan status and performs follow up on case services.
  • Coordinates the exchange of service information and service care provision with other agencies; assists in conflict or behavior management; and assists in the resolution of disagreements among clients, families, systems and service providers.
  • Monitors client status; provides counseling and intervention support; conducts on-site client visits and perform needs assessment; determines crisis intervention needs; escalates case management supervision as required.
  • Prepares, documents and maintains case and/or program information; collects, manages and analyzes data to produce reports documenting program measures and outcomes; provides recommendations; ensures the maintenance of timely program or case activity tracking, reporting and applicable billing.
  • Provides training and community education for groups and individuals; researches and identifies community service needs; collaborates with stakeholders and makes program, process and community service recommendations; prepares and disseminates information; and performs outreach for care improvement.  May be responsible for securing, monitoring and reporting special program funding.
  • Performs other duties of a similar nature and level as assigned.
  • Providing options counseling for older adults and adults with disabilities who reside in skilled nursing facilities but desire to transition into a community setting;
  • Conducting an options counseling assessment with resident at the skilled nursing;
  • Educating resident about options for moving into a community setting and manages expectations of the transition process;
  • Providing individualized referral to a transition coordination agency;
  • Providing information and referral to residents and skilled nursing facility staff regarding the transition program and services available in the community to older adults and adults with disabilities;
  • Maintaining confidentiality of resident information as required by state and federal laws and regulations and professional practice standards;
  • Providing skilled nursing home residents and staff with objective and accurate information on all aspects of Medicaid and non-Medicaid benefits;
  • Conducting trainings on CTS and MDS Section Q for skilled nursing home staff and community providers.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


  • Age and disability related issues and concerns of adults, their families and caregivers;
  • Aging and disability area networks and resources;
  • Principles and applications of critical thinking and analysis;
  • Best practices, trends and emerging technologies;
  • Principles and practices of program administration and management;
  • Principles and methods of qualitative and quantitative research;
  • Record management principles;
  • Applicable federal, state and local laws, codes, regulations (based on assignment);
  • Customer service principles;
  • Specialized equipment relevant to area of assignment
  • Modern office technology;
  • Researching industry trends, solutions and best practices;
  • Performing assessment of client situations to determine case management and/or emergency needs;
  • Conducting interviews to determine client or program service needs and/or intervention;
  • Gathering data, analyzing findings and applying logic and reason;
  • Interpreting, monitoring and reporting information and statistics;
  • Authoring original reports, documents and presentations;
  • Compiling and sorting data and articulating issues and recommendations;
  • Coordinating deadlines and prioritizing competing demands;
  • Maintaining program or case information;
  • Exercising confidentiality;
  • Collaborating and facilitating communication with program stakeholders;
  • Interpreting and applying applicable laws, codes, regulations and standards (based on assignment);
  • Providing customer service;
  • Utilizing a computer and relevant software applications;
  • Utilizing communication and interpersonal skills as applied to interaction with coworkers, supervisors, the general public and others to sufficiently exchange or convey information and to receive work direction


Education and Experience


  • Bachelor's degree in gerontology, social work or related human services field and one to three years of related human services experience.             OR
  • An equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential duties of the job such as those listed above, unless otherwise subject to any other requirements set forth in law or regulation.
  • Depending on assignment, some positions may require: Valid Colorado Driver's License and access to an automobile or to substantively equivalent alternative transportation.
Equal Employment Opportunity Employer: M/F/D/V


Which best describes your level of education?
  • High School or GED
  • Some College
  • Associates Degree
  • Bachelors Degree
  • Masters Degree
How many years of gerontology, social work or human services work experience do you have?
  • Less than one year
  • One to less than two years
  • Two to less than three years
  • Three to less than four years
  • Four to less than five years
  • Five or more years
Do you have a Bachelor Degree in social work, gerontology or related field?
  • Yes
  • No
Have you had experience working with older adults and adults with disabilities? Please describe your experience.
What does being "person-centered" mean to you when working with clients?
Please describe your experience in the collaboration process between skilled nursing facilities and community-base organizations, including your comfort with public speaking and presentations.
Have you had experience working with Medicaid Home and Community Based services? Please describe your experience.

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August 21, 2019

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