Deputy City Attorney - Chesapeake, VA

July 26, 2019


Deputy City Attorney


 Assumes the duties of the City Attorney in his absence including attending City Council meetings, providing legal advice directly to the Mayor and members of the City Council, and supervising all personnel in the Office of the City Attorney.

 Provides legal advice on complex issues to departments and agencies of the City; provides oral and written legal opinions.

 Drafts ordinances, contracts, petitions, motions, orders, resolutions, leases, and other legal documents.

 Reviews, revises, and approves proposed ordinances, contracts, policies, procedures, and other documents for legal sufficiency.

 Prepares cases for trial by researching the law, interviewing and preparing witnesses, and examining evidence.

 Provides specific legal guidance and representation to City staff in ongoing matters before the court and administrative and regulatory bodies.

 Participates in mediation and pre-trial settlement conferences and makes recommendations to the City Attorney regarding proposed resolution of disputes.

 Oversees case management and attorney assignments.

 Attends the General Assembly as a legal lobbyist and
monitors and comments upon all bills that may affect the affairs of the City.

 Attends citizen meetings for purposes of responding to legal questions and providing legal explanation of City programs and issues.

 Assists the City Attorney in administrative investigations concerning matters of concern to the City Council and the City Manager.

 Oversees the work product of, and provides guidance and training to, assistant city attorneys.

 Attends staff, commission, Council, Board, and other professional meetings to exchange information or provide legal counsel.

 Works on special projects relating to major transportation improvements, public-private partnerships and other matters involving large investments of public funds.

 Analyzes and implements public policies as may be developed by the City Council.

 Performs other related duties as assigned.

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September 8, 2019

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