Emergency Operations Coordinator - Virginia Beach, VA

June 14, 2019

Virginia Beach,VA

Emergency Operations Coordinator


Under general supervision, this position is responsible for coordinating the emergency shelter response team activation for the department. The coordinator will assist the departmental leadership in a variety of professional administrative tasks particularly in the field of emergency management and coordination of multiple divisions in the department during emergency and disaster response activation. They are responsible for developing training criteria, curriculum, and presentations in the field of emergency management to include the following modules: Emergency Shelter Operations training, Advanced Shelter Training for Managers, Shelter Training for Leadership, Emergency Shelter and Management for New Hires, Mock Shelter Opening, Community Recovery Centers, Pandemic Influenza Plan, Winter Preparedness Plan and other departmental needs as determined. This position will coordinate with the police department for Training regarding Active Shooter and the divisional directors/administrators regarding the Continuity of Operations (COOP) training for Advance Teams and other departments as needed. Training formats will include large group traditional classrooms settings, small groups, web applications, videos and handouts. Reports to the Deputy Director of Social Services.
?Oversees the Department's staffing of the City's Emergency Operation Center and the ESF 6 response during activation and exercises.
?Testing, Training, and Exercising COOP and the periodic assessment of COOP capabilities (FEMA's Continuity Assessment Tool).
?Updating and Reviewing the Department's Emergency Plans and Programs.
?Provides guidance for the Department's emergency response resource deployment and investment
?Manages the shelter openings and operations on behalf of DHS to include, but not limited to: staffing and oversight, media requests and media interest statements during a weather or emergency event in the City of Virginia Beach.
?Conducts shelter and emergency management evaluations to include, but not limited to data collection, quality assurance information, staff responsiveness and performance during an event and presentation of findings in report form for DHS leadership and analysis to prepare for future events.
?Develops after-action reports and develops plans to address issues noted through exercises and emergency activation.
?Develops and presents training, educational and exercise activities to support the emergency preparedness initiatives for the department

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July 28, 2019

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