Police Patrol Sergeant - North Hudson Police, WI

May 16, 2019

North Hudson Police,WI

Police Patrol Sergeant

Reason for Announcement: Fill Vacancy
Responsibilities: First line supervisor that directs the daily field activities of the department. Coordinates, directs, schedules, supervises and monitors activities of officers. Prepares special reports and assignments, and creates and meets department goals and objectives. Trains and orients new, sworn officers.
Salary: $31.00 per hour
Benefits: Wisconsin retirement fund; Health insurance; Life insurance; Sick leave; Dental; Paid holidays - 7; Longevity pay; Deferred compensation; Vacation; Assigned Fleet Vehicle if residence within 20 miles of Village in WI; Health Club Single Membership.
Qualifications: U.S. citizen; Minimum age - 18; Driver license; Good driving record; Good physical condition; Eligibility for Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board Certification; High school diploma; Associate degree - *Send transcripts with application*; Ability to possess a firearm; No felony convictions; No domestic abuse convictions; Vision correctable to 20/20; Good verbal and written communication skills; Previous experience; React quickly and effectively to stressful situations; Able to work evenings, weekends, and holidays; Knowledge and skills in operating computer systems; Clear and concise speech; Ability to handle several tasks simultaneously; Ability to perform essential functions of this position; Ability to use all standard law enforcement equipment; Minimum of four (4) years full-time experience in law enforcement; Preferred completion of Field Training Officer Course
Apply By: 4:30 PM, 05/21/2019
Submit: DJ-LE-330, Resume
Agency Application -

To obtain: https://www.northhudsonvillage.org/index.asp?SEC=AA088559-E816-4F72-A49B-2DC46CADE0EE&DE=785F5DDB-B7EB-4457-B91F-2EF89A183E3B&Type=B_JOB

Contact: Chief of Police Mark D. Richert
North Hudson Police Department
400 7th St. N.
Hudson, WI  54016
Phone:  (715) 386-8433
Email:  mrichert@pd.northhudsonvillage.org
Internet:  www.northhudsonvillage.org
Notes: Written exam; Oral interviews; Psychological profile; Medical examination; Drug screening; Background investigation; Assessment Testing - Same day as Written Exam

Closing Date / Removed from Database Date
May 22, 2019

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