IT Systems Engineer (CD) - Application Technical Lead - Hanover Courthouse, VA

May 16, 2019

Hanover Courthouse,VA

IT Systems Engineer (CD) - Application Technical Lead


General Description: Seeking an IT Application Technical Lead/Systems Engineer to support Hanover County's diverse business application portfolio. This position is a member of the public safety team. The incumbent is responsible for: developing customer-focused, business-appropriate solutions in a cross-functional team environment; and applying analytical and problem-solving skills to identify and resolve issues in order to help maximize the benefit of IT systems investments.

Organization: The Systems Engineer position is part of Hanover County's Career Development Program (CD). The Systems Engineer Ladder has four (4) levels: Systems Engineer I, II, III and Senior. Incumbents normally report to a Project Manager and supervise no staff, though they may lead teams.

Essential Functions:

 Performs problem-solving and analysis, including incident management,
problem management and root cause analysis.

 Has a knowledge of the customer's business, as appropriate for the
specified area of specialization. Leverages knowledge to develop
customer-focused, business-appropriate solutions. Engages stakeholders
in solution development.

 Communicates effectively with customers and team members.

 Vendor management. Works closely with vendors to develop solutions
that meet customer needs; effectively escalates and resolves issues with
vendors. Gains strategic insights from vendors.

 Develops and manages appropriate documentation.

 Systems implementation and systems management. Has working
knowledge of relevant standards, protocols and languages used within
domain of assignment and applies these to develop appropriate solutions.

 Manages work and priorities and utilizes project management practices.

 Stays current in developments within the specified area of specialization
and proactively researches trends.

 Manages personal growth and development.

 Adheres to the department's change management standards.

 Performs other duties as assigned.

Assignment-Specific Essential Functions:

 Business Application Support Systems Engineer:

. Conducts business analysis and in business process analysis

. Develops business and technical requirements

. Develops project justifications, business cases and cost-benefit analysis

. Queries/analyzes data using standard tools

. Develops appropriate systems and applications diagrams

. Implements, supports and configures t

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June 24, 2019

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