Database Administrator - Macon-Bibb Government, GA

May 8, 2019

Macon-Bibb Government,GA

Database Administrator




This position possesses a high degree of technical knowledge, skills, and abilities; operates at a high level of independence and decision-making; allocates time between coordinating with IT Manager(s), other administrators, Analyst III(s), interacting with IT analysts, and interfacing with end-users; evaluates, researches, suggests, plans, and implements planned activities on the local to enterprise-wide project levels; ensures data security and optimized; ensures that all Structured Query Language (SQL) data is secure, protected, and backed up; and provides assistance in trouble-shooting complex end-user and infrastructure support issues. The Database Administrator works with the GIS Manager to integrate all enterprise data with the Macon-Bibb Geographic Information Systems using location of activity, or assets wherever practical.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Coordinate with the Systems and Network  Manager, other Administrators and IT staff concerning the implementation, monitoring of database optimization and operational security; ensures network security, connectivity, and optimization relative to all network management devices; evaluate end-user and infrastructure needs and productivity enhancements; research methods of addressing end-user needs and infrastructure enhancements to increase end-user productivity, system and network infrastructure stability; lead IT staff in planning the incorporation of network maintenance and enhancement updates and upgrades; and provide leadership concerning the implementation of planned end-user and infrastructure activities.
Lead IT staff efforts and interact with end-users concerning all SQL-based data storage and usage projects in the context of implementing infrastructure modifications, upgrades, and maintenance updates; interact with end-users to gain insight for evaluation regarding data access and optimization issues; manage SQL databases utilized by various Macon-Bibb County Government's applications and coordinate with the System and Network Manager ensuring proper backup, optimization, and documentation; and assist in SQL programming efforts that involve creating applications that make SQL data easily available.
Integrates all enterprise data with Macon-Bibb Geographic Information Systems using location of activity, or assets wherever practical. Extracts data from GIS software and uses varying analysis methods to arrive at results.
Research, explore, and identify possible deficiencies and vulnerabilities within the database infrastructure and define the corrective action(s) required to prevent and/or resolve these areas.
Attends scheduled and unscheduled planning and production meeting, and ensures that all system and network modifications are completely documented, and any support requests handled outside of the IT Helpdesk are logged accurately with the Helpdesk Manager.
Conduct research in an effort to continually enhance technical growth individually, within the department, and within the organization where applicable; and act as a mentor concerning professionalism and technical skill sets within the Department of IT, Macon-Bibb County, and external to Macon-Bibb County.
Perform other duties as assigned.

Education, Training and Experience


A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or a related field with (4) years of progressive systems and network experience; or an Associate's degree in similar course work in conjunction with IT-related credentials and (6) years of progressive system and network experience.; or an equivalent combination of relevant education and experience deemed appropriate by the Director to provide sufficient knowledge, skills and abilities to successfully perform the duties and responsibilities of the position.  


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities


  • Knowledge of SQL and database fundamentals and advanced complex concepts
  • Knowledge of SQL severs and database monitoring and operation
  • Knowledge SQL server system management, support, and maintenance
  • Knowledge of GIS software and technology. 
  • Knowledge of operating systems that host SQL server functionality
  • Knowledge of the software development cycle
  • Knowledge of database systems analysis to determine, requirements for upgrades, optimization, etc.
  • Knowledge of database security and auditing
  • Knowledge of SQL and database trouble-shooting, testing, and monitoring concepts
  • Knowledge of developing and troubleshooting SSIS packages.
  • Knowledge of .Net application development.
  • Knowledge of HTML, HTML5, PHP, ASP.NET, Python, C#, JavaScript, Java, Visual Basic, VBScripts and CSS3.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft SharePoint development.
  • Knowledge of methods and techniques of research, statistical analysis, and report preparation
  • Knowledge of standard enterprise office automation and business software
  • Skill with GIS technologies and python scripting is desired
  • Skill in building professional relationships
  • Skill in effective time management
  • Skill in educating via both "broad-brush" and detailed when applicable
  • Skill in enterprise security, ensuring data integrity, and data backups
  • Skill at generating or adapting applications and technology to serve user needs.
  • Skill in trouble-shooting, identifying problems, reviewing related information, optimization, applying database standards, ranging for basic to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions.
  • Ability to effectively and efficiently manage staff and projects
  • Ability to focus on achieving goals, including those involving external departments, agencies, and public
  • Ability to communicate effectively (verbal and written)
  • Ability to multi-task in a high activity/energy professional environment that includes multiple and concurrent projects and project deadlines, and occasional interruptions and walk-in appointments
  • Ability to resolve problems in a timely, efficient, and effective manner
  • Ability to plan, coordinate and organize work; set priorities and meet critical deadlines
  • Ability to in research information relating to database programming, trouble-shooting, optimization, security, etc.
  • Ability to demonstrate confidentiality concerning sensitive information
  • Ability to communicate well verbally and written
  • Ability to conduct oneself in a professionalism and courteous manner
  • Ability to implement objectives in a well-planned manner


Closing Date / Removed from Database Date
May 23, 2019

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