Project Manager to oversee capital facilities projects - East Pierce Fire & Rescue, WA

May 7, 2019

East Pierce Fire & Rescue,WA

Project Manager to oversee capital facilities projects


This temporary, full-time exempt position reports to the Fire Chief and represents the Fire District in the design and construction of fire stations and other facility projects to ensure timely and cost-effective completion. The work of this position involves overseeing the budget, schedule, and implementation of projects, the preparation of reports for use by Administration and the Board of Commissioners and working closely with the architectural firm. This position is a temporary assignment created to assist in the management of the capital facilities projects funded by the bond. Incumbents must possess superior working knowledge of fire station design and use, as well as experience in managing fire service capital projects. Work is reviewed for effectiveness via reports, projects and results obtained.

Closing Date / Removed from Database Date
June 6, 2019

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