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Chief of Police
West Hempfield Township, PA

Records Management System - Limited to just 100 agencies

Records Management System (RMS) Write reports using any Device for $150.00 a month.

Report Writing


Add Persons, Offenses, Property, Vehicles and a Narrative and submit for approval.

Daily Log

Daily Log

Daily log records date and time plus mileage, vehicle number and lists daily activity.

Calls for Service

Daily Log

List calls assigned and action taken at each call.

Traffic Activity

Traffic Activity

Traffic activity logs all traffic stops, location, if a citation or warning was issued and it's number.

Roll Call


A list of BOLOs and pass on information to include photos.

Records Search

Records Search

Search records by last name, address, serial number or vehicle license tag.

Accident Report

Accident Report

Your State PDF form that can be completed using devices


Booking Report

Begins the process of booking a person in the jail. Take a photo using your smart phone or IPad an include. 2018 - All Rights Reserved